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Chemistry Guide

All chemistries have been supplied by the companies below. These are general guidelines based on application history of AAT and / or our chemical suppliers. Specific application testing is recommended.

*If you are interested in a chemistry that is not listed, please contact us for compatibility.

Product Links

Jet In-Line Cleaners

Aqua ROSE™ Series

X Series

Mega Series

Cleaning Application

PCB Defluxing

PCB Defluxing / ROSE Testing

Stencil / Misprint / PCB Cleaning

PCB Defluxing / Final Clean / ROSE Testing


Alcohols (IPA)

(Mega ION only)

Semi-Aqueous (Terpene)

(Mega ION only)

Etimol DFX80 CA

Etimol SW 25 RAN

AquaFlor Board Clean

AquaFlor Board Clean-S

AquaFlor Board Clean-U

CitaFlor EG10 Plus