NanoJet 12in Belt

In-Line Cleaner

The NanoJet™ from Austin American Technology combines recent advancements made in conveyor driven cleaning systems into the world’s smallest, fully capable, In-line cleaner. Rapid and thorough cleaning and drying is accomplished in the NanoJet utilizing PED fluid jets for high impact cleaning and patented high velocity displacement drying jets. The NanoJet  from Austin American Technology delivers a high energy design in a small 28 square foot footprint.

Earth Smart Closed Loop Rinse System Built-in

“Green Design” means using substantially fewer resources than the current standards in the industry. The NanoJet accomplishes this in many ways. Water savings are automatic with our built-in DI closed looped water re-cycling system. Facility tap or DI water is only used for initial fill and to make up for any evaporation losses. These typically require only 3-6 GPH at 125F, depending on facility exhaust settings. Wet sections are effectively isolated with air jet manifolds saving both chemistry as well as carbon and DI beds. Through recycling of the DI water inside of the cleaner, the machine is able to save on heat loss which would typically be lost to drain.

Product Features

  • 12” Conveyor Belt
  • Includes 12” On load/Off load
  • Progressive Energy Dynamic Spray Bars (PED)
  • High Speed Cleaning (0.5 to 3.0 FPM)
  • Coherent Jet Spray Bars Reach Under Low-Profile Components
  • Air Knife Isolation for Low Chemistry Consumption
  • HEPA Dry Air Filtration
  • Integrated DI Closed Loop System
  • “GREEN” Zero Discharge to Drain (except during maintenance)
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Automatic Chemical Management System
  • Integrated Internal LED Lighting
  • Color Touch Screen Interface

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