Aqua ROSE 4.0 Batch Cleaners

Batch Cleaning / Ionic Contamination Testing

The Aqua ROSE 4.0, from Austin American Technology, introduces a new era to batch cleaning / Ionic Contamination Testing.

The fresh new 4th generation Aqua ROSE Batch Cleaner is now available.  Experience a batch cleaner that offers multiple cleaning and testing technologies for capability previously unachieved in a compact footprint. In addition to aqueous and aqueous chemistry-based cleaning, the innovative Aqua ROSE 4.0 supports process temperature ranges from ambient to 176°F. An intuitive user interface allows the operator to select the type and duration of wash, number of rinse cycles, and duration of the forced-air dry cycle.

Ideal for printed circuit boards, semiconductors, subassemblies and process tooling, the Aqua ROSE 4.0 brings flexible, unparalleled cleaning performance to the batch process.

Additionally the Aqua ROSE 4.0 features a heated holding tank. Providing the highest cleanliness standard, allowing the customer to meet and surpass cleanliness requirements.

Configuration Aqua ROSE OL™ Aqua ROSE CL™ Aqua ROSE ES™
WASH Open Loop Pump to Drain Closed Loop Closed Loop
RINSE Open Loop Pump to Drain Open Loop with Transfer Station Closed Loop

Standard Features

  • Cleans all fluxes
  • Automatic ROSE cleanliness tester
  • Fast cycle time for wash, rinse, ROSE Test , and dry
  • Efficient coherent washing and rinsing jets with 3 spray wands
  • Rapid drying with three manifolds
  • 2 board racks with 4 pin inserts
  • Programmable ROSE limits 0.01 to 10.00 ug NaCl eq/CM2
  • Automatic data logging (USB)
  • Easy programming with password protection
  • Stainless steel cabinet and processing chamber
  • Heated wash and rinse 40-80C
  • Programmable rinse purity 0.05 – 100uS
  • Auto chem mixing 4-20%
  • Viewing window with internal lighting
  • Quiet operation < 60 Db
  • 208-230VAC, 1PH,50/60HZ


  • Flash Heater for Rinse (requires 60 AMPs)
  • Drip Tray
  • Sample Port
  • Light Tower
  • Transfer Station (CL & ES only)

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