HydroJet 24in Belt

In-Line Cleaner

Austin American Technology’s HydroJet ® In-line cleaning system was the first In-line cleaner introducing the current standard of coherent jet technology to clean under tightly spaced components. AAT further improved this technology by developing Progressive Energy Dynamics (PED), which is only available on Austin American In-line Cleaners.

Austin American’s HydroJet ® Cleaner is equipped with a patented displacement drying system which minimizes energy consumption and ionic residues left on boards and provides the fastest drying performance available.

The HydroJet ® In-line Cleaner comes standard with an integrated Closed Loop System which over its life will save thousands of gallons of water and kilowatts of power, which translates into a quick payback on this machine.

Product Features

  • Washes with Chemistry or Water in One Machine
  • 24” (60.96 cm) Conveyor Belt
  • 15” Color Touch Screen Industrial Interface – PLC Controlled
  • LED Lighted Interior
  • Double Tempered Glass Viewing Windows
  • Stainless Steel Manifolds and Spraybars in Wash and Rinse Sections
  • Heated Chemistry Wash Up to 150 F (66 C)
  • Heated Water Rinse Up to 140F (60C)
  • Progressive Energy Dynamics (PED) Wash and Rinse Spray Manifolds
  • Effectively Washes and Rinses Under Tight Spaces and Small Gaps
  • Foam Detection with De-foam Metering Pump (option)
  • Patented Jet Manifold Drying
  • Fluid Isolation System
  • Short Cycle Time Belt Speeds up to 5’ per Minute for a Typical Wash, Rinse, and Dry
  • Integrated Closed Loop DI System Saves Water and Heating Costs
  • HEPA Air Filtration
  • VFD Controlled Pumps and Blowers
  • Low Maintenance
  • Low Operating Cost Saves Resources
  • “GREEN” Zero Discharge to Drain (except during maintenance)
  • Automatic Chemical Metering with Chemistry System
  • Final Rinse Resistivity Monitoring and Alarm

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