Bringing an X Series Stencil Cleaner Back to Life - How an X Series Stencil Cleaner is Refurbished

Bringing an X Series Stencil Cleaner Back to Life – How an X Series Stencil Cleaner is Refurbished

Refurbish? The start to finish process of refurbishing an X Series Stencil Cleaner. How to​ X Series Stencil Cleaners Stencil & Misprint Cleaner Austin American Technology’s X Series Stencil Cleaner is available with either a 30in or 40in configuration. X Series Vertical Format Batch Cleaning Systems provide maximum chemistry flexibility to meet a wide variety of applications. Aqueous, saponification, semi-aqueous, alcohols and hybrid solvents can be utilized to remove flux residues, solder pastes, inks, adhesives and other residues from boards, stencils, or tooling used in the production process. Each system incorporates filtration and a selectable open-loop or closed-loop configuration to address environmental and safety concerns. Consistent cleaning results are ensured with a patented method of rotational spraying that creates zones of constantly changing force to provide superior performance. X Series cleaning systems are fully automated and do not require product transference between wash, rinse and dry cycles. The cleaner’s automated, low-profile lift and compact body design facilitate easy load/unload and provide one of the smallest footprints in the industry. And, the X Series Stencil Cleaner is supported by the extensive experience and knowledge base of Austin American Technology’s applications engineering team. Standard Features 15” Color Touch Screen Industrial Interface – PLC ControlledLED Lighted Interior Double Tempered Glass Viewing Windows Stainless Steel Plumbing, Manifolds, Wash and Rinse Spray Bars18” (45.72 cm) Conveyor Belt Heated Chemistry Wash Up to 150 F (66 C) Heated Water Rinse Up to 140F (60C)” Progressive Energy Dynamics (PED) Wash and Rinse Spray Manifolds Effectively Cleans and Rinses Under Tight Spaces and Small Gaps New Air Curtain Isolation Cells Built-In Demister Foam Detection with De-foam Metering Pump (option) Short Cycle Time for Typical Wash, Rinse, and Dry (High Throughput) Patented Dual Manifold Drying HEPA Air Filtration VFD Controlled Pumps and Blowers Integrated Closed Loop DI System Saves Water and Heat Costs Low Maintenance Low Operating Cost Saves Resources“GREEN” Zero Discharge to Drain (except during maintenance) Automatic Chemical Metering with Chemistry System Final Rinse Resistivity Monitoring and Alarm Optional Customized Lighted Name Badge Options Closed Loop Rinse Misprint PCB Water Knife–Final Rinse Hot Vortex Air Dry Spring Board Holder​ __________ Subscribe For More Video Content :…​ __________ Connect on Social: AAT on LinkedIn :…​ Todd Rountree on LinkedIn:…​ Connect For Business: AAT:

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